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Coutts Gibb ConsultantsOur consultants integrate within our clients business development and sales teams, they contribute by supporting marketing initiatives; reviewing and performing due diligence when developing sales strategies; and most significantly, leading business development and sales initiatives.

The benefits when engaging our consultants are:

Support from experienced professionals who can manage the entire business development and sales channel, or, who compliment an existing in-house team to achieve a specific business development or sales initiative.

Access to an extensive network of contacts within the E&P sector – notably within Europe and the Middle East.

Experience developing sales strategies for new or established, small or large companies to enter new or develop existing markets.

Knowledge of E&P market trends, requirements, expectations and commercial models; as well as experience of strategies that can work and occasionally, those that do not.

Sales Coaching & Training

Sales Coaching is a service that I provide to my clients technical consultants and pre-sales personnel whilst on a consulting assignment. Sales coaching is a methodical, one-to-one process which reviews a potential customer’s business and their technology or service requirements. We then determine how best to align a vendors technology or service offerings, such as choosing relevant value propositions, prior to requesting and planning for meetings and presentations.

Training courses are provided as part of a Planning, Preparation and Execution [PPnE] philosophy. A number of training courses have been prepared which are summarised below:

The Emergence of the Oil & Gas Industry – An Introduction: A Half Day. For non-geoscience or engineering personnel employed by an Operator or Service Company who would benefit from gaining an understanding of the history of the oil & gas industry.   Download “The Oil & Gas Industry – A4 Flier”

Event Engagement: A Half Day. This workshop focuses on how exhibitors participating at technical tradeshows can plan and prepare successful strategies that will help engage potential clients.   Download “Event Engagement – A4 Flier”

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